Timber Growers Lumber

Solar Kiln Dried Local Sustainable Hardwoods

All of our wood is harvested from our Wisconsin family farm in Spring Green, WI. Our wood is dried using our unique Solar-Cycle Kilns utilizing the power of the sun. Our unique kiln design and drying technique yeild a higher quality, more beautiful and naturally colored lumber with lower intenal stress load than industrial and commercially conventional kiln dried lumber.

Wood is removed from our Solar-Cycle kilns when the moisture content reaches 4%, a conservatively ideal level for our Wisconsin Made natural hardwood floors and any other woodworking purpose.

While we no longer have any wood available for sale, we highly encourage you to learn to make your own lumber, or at the very least source your lumber locally! For lots more information about making, buying, and using local and susainable timber check out TimberGrowers.com!

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