Why we need Timber Growers!

This email today from a forest owner here in Wisconsin tells the story of 99% of woodlot owners....

Timbergreen Forest Owner Survey - (totally informal and unscientific!)

  1. Do you actively manage your timber as a profitable business?    No
  1. Do you know the total volume of timber you own?                    No
    (board feet is the standard volume measurement in the U.S.)  
  1. Do you know how much volume your timber will grow this year?  No
  1. Do you know what your timber is worth today?     No
  1. Do you earn an annual income from your forest?     No
  1. Have you sold timber in the past 10 years?       No
  1. Are the privately owned forests in your area well managed?  No
  1. Are forest owners paid a fair price for timber harvests?         No
  1. Is there a source of timber price information that you trust?    No
  1. Do government foresters provide the assistance forest owners need?  Not sure
  1. Do industrial foresters provide the assistance forest owners need?       Not sure
  1. What do you really want to know about your timber resource? How to improve the quality of the trees that are growing there. And how to receive a decent price for the wood that is produced by the forest.
  1. How much annual income should a forest owner earn to encourage responsible forest management? Just rough figuring in my head, I would say around $200/ acre.
           Some additional comments if you don't mind, I have about 30 acres of forest. I aquired the property 4 years ago. It has a mix of Red and White Oak, Hard and Soft Maple, Ash, Basswood, Poplar, and a few other species. There are some nice young stands of Hard Maple and Ash (2"-4" Dia.) coming in. There are also a number of mature trees with several of the Red Oak from 30"-40" Dia.
            Any way, one day an area sawmill left a business card and a note that they were looking for timber to buy. I thought, why not let them give me a quote just for the heck of it. So I called and during the discussion, I discovered this was the same company that had cut some timber at my cousins place, just down the road from me,the previous year. His woods looked like a tornado had gone through when they were done with it. I told my wife, I don't care what he's paying, I'm not letting him cut anything in our woods.
            Well the guy came and looked, and when he saw the big Red Oaks you could tell he was just itching to get ahold of them. He gave me a price list, which I threw out when he left, but I do recall for No.1 red oak it was around 15 cents a board foot. Lets see, I go to the lumber yard and they will sell me an oak board for around $4 a board foot and this guy wants to give me 15 cents! I'll let it rot in the woods for that much. At least I get the enjoyment of walking in the woods and looking at these beautiful trees.
             I'm sure you've heard plenty of stories like this. And that's why I am looking at your web site to try and figure out how to increase the value of my timber.

Thanks for the great website.  Randy

Many other forest owners take the money, it is better than nothing!

But NO One is happy with the current timber management system.

Over the past 30 years working with forest owners, I have heard tens of thousands of stories from landowners.  But No One has concluded what Randy figured in his head.  $200 per acre per year just might be enough to encourage forest owners to get active in taking care of their timberlands.

We can actually earn over ten times that here at Timbergreen Farm.  Our annual growth is about 400 board feet per acre and we sell our flooring for $10/ square foot - figure it in your head!  

Most forest owners I talk to don't want to start a new business and lifestyle, so here is our proposal:

Spring Green Timber Growers will work with area forest owners.  We will do small annual harvests and manufacture and sell wood products in the local community.   To start up the business, I will pay landowners double the current market price for their trees.   This is not enough!  This is phase one.

As Soon As Possible, I will pay four times the current market value to area forest owners.  This is not enough - just phase two.  Sales of wood products will build this business.

The 5 year goal is to re-organize Spring Green Timber Growers into a member owned, community based woodworking business.  The value of wood products are very high.  I believe that this phase 3 will be able to pay forest owners ten times the current market value for their trees.  This will produce an annual income of about $200/acre, and pay professional loggers a very good wage - plus benefits - for excellent harvesting work.

An added bonus is that all this money stays in the local economy and is multiplied over and over.  Our forests support our community, not just some distant huge corporation!

We do this all everyday here at Timbergreen Farm. 

Everything I know is on our websites and DVDs....  

Or we can just send our logs to China and buy cheap manufactured stuff in the Big Box Stores.....

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