Timbergreetings - Your Words in Our Woods


Personalize your Home or Room with a new and unique technology - thick solid wood inlays cut with our precise lasers. "Inlased"
The floor art above is a twenty square foot Inlased entryway welcome we made for a family in Minnesota.


Welcome Wall Signs, Inlased Wood Frames, Inlased Flooring, and more!


This Welcome Greeting sign is 30" wide and 22 inches tall. The inside message is our new Inlased hardwoods featuring Walnut, Cherry and Maple.
Any text can be Inlased into the two message strips. Two other theme strips show the homeowners' favorite pastime.
The frame is live-edged cherry showing off the natural bark. An Inlased hardwood frame showing a theme is another option.

Photo Frames


A Dog Lover - Tracy likes the Dog Tracks frame
This is an Oak and Maple frame with some walnut track passing by on the bottom


Custom Made Inlased frames start at about $100 - contact us with size and details for a quote


Live Edge Black Walnut Frame

Inlased Solid Wood Doors


Any welcome, phrase, saying, theme, name... can be designed and made for your home
All our home grown and manufactured wood - cut with laser precision in Spring Green WI!
click here for more on Inlased Solid Wood Doors

Flooring Features -
Personalized real tongue and groove flooring installed in your floor. Made from our solid hardwoods salvaged from our dead and dying trees at Timbergreen Farm. Walnut, Cherry, Maple and Oak are our main species that work well with the laser cutter. Another dozen species are mixed in as available for more color, texture, and tone. We use what our forest gives us naturally each year and each piece is an individual work of art made by our local woodworking crew.





Any name and greeting can be Inlased for your floor! Your Words in Our Woods





Flooring Theme Strips, Borders, Baseboards, Door Trim....


Deer Tracks, T-Rex Tracks, Bigfoot Tracks, Horse Shoe Tracks, Sandhill Crane Tracks
Bugs, Birds, Flowers, Animals, Trees, Leaves.

Every Timbergreeting project is a unique work of art created just for your home or office.
Set Your Words in Our Woods! An age old method now done with laser precision.

more on Inlased Flooring

Inlased Flooring – Prices for wood flooring planks for you to install in your floor.
Prices for simple designs and in-stock supply start with the listings below
Custom design fees and production costs may add extra - depending on the project

Borders showing a favorite theme
3 1/2” wide square edges        $20 per lineal foot  
Tongue and grooved 3 1/2”    $20 per lineal foot
5 1/2” wide square edges        $35 per lineal foot

Personalized Names, theme words, sayings, Inlased into Two Foot Long Flooring Strips - placed around the room by the installer
10 to 16 characters fits best in each Two Foot Long Strip Many fonts are available.
2 1/2" flooring $20 per lineal foot ($40 each Two Foot Long Piece)
3 1/2" flooring $25 per lineal foot ($50 each Two Foot Long Piece)
4 1/2" flooring $30 per lineal foot ($60 each Two Foot Long Piece)

In Stock Welcomes, Words, Tracks, Theme Pieces, Hearts etc.
2 1/2" flooring $16 per lineal foot ($32 each Two Foot Long Piece)
3 1/2" flooring $20 per lineal foot ($40 each Two Foot Long Piece)
4 1/2" flooring $24 per lineal foot ($48 each Two Foot Long Piece)

Medallions showing an image or scene
2x2 feet  tongue and groove        $260 to $400

Welcome Greetings and Sayings  - a personal message or name for the room
2X4 feet – tongue and groove     $350   to $450
3X6 feet – tongue and groove     $900  to $1,200

Area Art – 50 sqft                               $1,900 - $2,500   A large work of art with a theme or message

Whole Room Designs             from $30 sqft.   A totally unique room created for the owner

Installation is available in the S Wisconsin Region by our own professional woodworkers

Pre-finishing is availabe for orders shipped to your home

Inlased wood Stick-Ons can quickly personalize your space at an economical cost.

Our Inlased flooring, doors, stairways will last a lifetime, but we also offer a more temporary way to personalize a room or office... Inlased wood stick-ons that could be changed if life moves on....

These stick-on wood pieces give a touchable 3-D addition that really catches the eye.

Our home grown, solar dried wood, cut to any theme, with an adhesive backing. Starts at about $1 per square inch

Custom made furnishings of all kinds - from our forest to your home

Book-matched quartersawn red oak with a paper birch boodmark!

Maple coffee table - see it in our store today!

Kitchen Cabinets

We can do Inlased wood for any of the parts of cabinet doors and frames, as well as laser engrave.

Inlased Wood Cabinet Door Options
Width and Height    
Width of Stile and Rails    2.5”   3.5”
Flush or inset (size of opening)
Species Mix   Light    Medium  Dark    High-Contrast
Inlased One Side     Inlased Two Sides
Upper rail     Lower Rail   
Handle Stile     Hinge Stile    
– Horizontal     10 characters/foot    $30/foot
Vertical    5 characters/foot               $30/foot
Artwork – Rails - $30each    Tall Panel   $50each     Short Panel  $30each
Price Range - $250 to $800/door

Drawer Fronts
Width and height
Artwork and Words
- $2 per square inch for Inlased
$1 per square inch engraved or cut-outs
Price Range  - $80 to $400 per front  

Infinite Possibilities to Personalize Your Home.

Contact Jim Birkemeier email (608) 588 7342

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