Sustainable Chicken Coop

at Timbergreen Farm

The Green Squared Building Association took on the challenge of building a "sustainable" chicken coop to donate for the Troy Garden benefit raffle on July 10th in Madison.  Using local wood is our focus.
Here is the prototype, being tested for chicken compatibility and cooperation.


Lumberjacks Mike and Susan donated these two hens to our new program of self-reliance here at Timbergreen.
Amber Westerman of Dodgeville/Spring Green is the designer.  Building the coop have been; Nate Robson, Julie Kardatzke, Alex Greene, Bryan Butteris, and Dave Schinke.



This is a movable structure, skidded along the ground each day to give them some fresh scratch and peck. 
White oak runners will last for decades.



Two cherry 'egg doors' are the feature of Shawn's hope - for new edible treats each day.
Aspen siding boards clad the cherry and walnut frames.



A natural aspen tree trunk is the roost in the structure.



A cherry door reveals the hen house and nesting boxes, with a cherry floor from our forest.



Red Cedar Shingles from a Taliesin prairie restoration protect the coop from the weather.  The ventilation monitor keeps them cool on these hot summer days.  This coop ads to our herb garden - upper left - and Shawn's other gardens to grow some of our daily food.



Tuna the cat was the first to check out the new birds.  Parlsey and Neptune also reacted with interest to new food, but hopefully will respect the new residents in the backyard.



Shawn named them Eva and Ova.  They love our food scraps that otherwise would end up in the landfill.

More to come!