Live Green Locally - Really!!

Everyone really just wants to be fooled.  "Green" certification tops the list today.

The Big Corporations want to fool you too - everyday.  Really! (for their profit-duh)
    Save Money - Live Better
are the most foolish words in the whole world today!

Buying Cheap imported stuff On Sale at Rollback Prices
has a very high price to our local and regional economy.
          Nearly all your money is exported from our economy to distant lands to a few very rich people.
My decision is normally to do Just the Opposite of what the Big Corporation wants...

 Learn to Live Green Locally         As Local As Possible

Everyday for Real -

and be independent of the Big Corporations.   

No Foolin'

Better Not Blame BP - or Obama


If we spend our money As Local As Possible in the global economy, we can create REAL Change:
                   (American Shoppers ( women) are the most powerful force on Earth!)

Local Food
     Personal raised bed gardens, family gardens, community gardens, CSA gardens, greenhouses...
     Backyard chicken coops, rain barrel tilapia to add some protien.
Feed your waste and get food!
     Have confidence in fresh food from small local gardens, not distant dirty factory farms
     Get your food from the local farmer's market and we will all thrive!

Local Wood
     SW Wisconsin's most abundant crop is timber, yet it is 90% underutilized and poorly managed.
     Using local wood could create one new well paying job for every 40 acres of forest.
     Forests should be making money and paying their fair share of property taxes to support our schools.

Local Energy
     Enough sunlight hits SW Wisconsin to power all our needs and wants.  Simple Solar is SWEET!
     Plants are the perfect solar collectors - use their special abilities to meet our energy needs.
     Burning our agricultural waste could generate electricity and heat our buildings.

     Reduce the effects of wars for oil, repeated environmental disasters, corporate greed...

Local Business
     Supporting local businesses starts a Spiral of Success - keep our money at home.

     Money is paid to workers who spend that money in the local economy .

Big Banks, Big Corporations, Big Oil, Big Box Stores = Big Boondoggle!!   Don't Go There!
     Make the wise choice to support small business in your local community.

We could change the world in a week if consumers would buy wise and buy local as possible.

Shoppers (American women) are the true world power - Spend Money - Buy Wisely & Live Richer!!

Actually, the Government will fix the economy any day now - Just Foolin!

About 10% of U.S.A. citizens vote in a primary election.

About half of us vote in an important election.

Every one of us votes for our future each time we make a purchase.
   Will you build your local economy or promote a distant corporation?
       You choose and vote for our future every time you make a purchase.

As more people shop online or from TV specials, more of our money is exported from the local economy.  Things shipped or mailed to us often require no sales tax, so our state and county sales tax revenues go down, widening the deficits now prevailing.  Schools cut more teachers....

Saving pennies costs us dollars in economic decline.

Let's get involved and take charge of our lives!

Let me know what YOU Think

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