"We are really happy with our new floor!" Kelly (and Katherine)

Kelly and her husband, Troy, bought this home several years ago. 
"I like to do research, I looked all over the Madison area for 7 months. 
I talked to all these people and learned almost everything about flooring.
I went to all the big flooring places and it all looked the same. 
But I wanted something unique.
We were leaning toward reclaimed flooring
as we didn't want to have any live trees cut for our floor. 
Troy thought the reclaimed wood may be too rough,
and reclaimed was really expensive."



"This one is my favorite board."

"Troy heard about Timbergreen Farm, and we drove to Spring Green for a visit.  We liked learning about the process of how the flooring was made.  We could see all the different types of flooring installed in the log house. We chose red oak and black walnut.
I think the price was very good."



Troy and Kelly joined right in to help me install the floor.  "It was really fun.  We got to pick out the boards to use and what piece to put next. Its like putting together a puzzle. We were able to customize our own floor. I like all the character and the knots."



The new floor adjoins the old "boring flooring" in the kitchen. 
"There is no comparison - our new floor is ART!. 
It is so much livelier and more interesting. 
I have a new favorite board every time I look at it. 
We love the floor more everyday!
Thank you so much for all of your time and hardwork.
And especially thanks for adding beauty to our house.
I never thought I would be so excited about a floor.
Troy had to tell me to stop talking about the floor. 

When people visit our house, they will remember this floor!"