Inlased Hardwood Flooring from Timbergreen Farm

We adapt the age old wood inlay with modern laser precision, using our home grown wood.
"Inlased" wood - only from Spring Green, WI



Personalized Welcome To Your Home (really your name) in frame or laid in your flooring

We can Put Your Words in Our Woods
With Laser Precision to capture your message in a timeless work of art.


In your floor or a stairway, share your greetings with those who enter


Show off your family trees, in your own personal way.



 That inlased flooring is " gob - stopping gorgeous " as my British relatives would say. Being a Canadian, I say that that flooring would be warming to my heart and gorgeous for my eyes to behold as well as warming to my feet on a cold prairie night. If I didn't live in a rental suite, I would ask Santa for one of these gorgeous floors if I lived close to your shop. Forget " sugarplum fairies " tonight I shall dream of your beautiful work of art done with flooring. You are better than Santa's workshop !!!! Thank you for inspiring me with pictures of your beautiful workmanship.
 Carol in Canada


Solid, Natural, Durable, Beautiful, Incredible Multi-Species hardwood flooring uniquely manufactured at Timbergreen Farm - Spring Green, Wisconsin USA.


We have mastered Natural Forestry - our Family farm business



Salvaging some of the dead and dying trees that nature gives us


Smallest equipment possible - minimum fossil fuel energy is used in all steps




Lumber is kiln dried utilizing freely available energy from the sun


We manufacture this beautiful flooring right in our local community, putting American people to work with rewarding jobs.


Artistic personalization of each piece creates a unique product for your home

A solid wood top layer (1/4 of the total thickness of the wood flooring strip and 20 times the thickness of inlaid veneer) is bonded to a matching hardwood base layer with the tongue and groove - totaling 3/4 inch thick of our home grown and manufactured hardwood - ensure this flooring can be sanded and refinished many times - surely outlasting the rest of the building's materials. I guarantee this flooring will maintain it's magnificence for a lifetime, with just normal cleaning and maintenance. It is all our same home grown wood, just presented with some modern technology and an artistic personal touch.



Inlased Flooring can be mixed in any way with our standard Custom Blended flooring to make a special floor for each room in your home or business.


Inlased Flooring – Prices for wood flooring planks for you to install in your floor.
Prices for simple designs and in-stock supply start with the listings below
Custom design fees and production costs may add extra - depending on the project
Borders showing a favorite theme
3 1/2” wide square edges         $20 per lineal foot  
Tongue and grooved  3 1/2”    $20 per lineal foot
5 1/2” wide square edges         $30 per lineal foot

Personalized Names, theme words, sayings, Inlased into Two Foot Long Flooring Strips - placed around the room by the installer
10 to 16 characters fits best in each Two Foot Long Strip Many fonts are available.
2 1/2" flooring $20 per lineal foot ($40 each Two Foot Long Piece)
3 1/2" flooring $25 per lineal foot ($50 each Two Foot Long Piece)
4 1/2" flooring $30 per lineal foot ($60 each Two Foot Long Piece)

In Stock Welcomes, Words, Tracks, Theme Pieces, Hearts etc.
2 1/2" flooring $16 per lineal foot ($32 each Two Foot Long Piece)
3 1/2" flooring $20 per lineal foot ($40 each Two Foot Long Piece)
4 1/2" flooring $24 per lineal foot ($48 each Two Foot Long Piece)

Medallions showing an image or scene 3/4 inch thick solid hardwood from our forest
2x2 feet  tongue and groove    $260

Welcome Greetings and Sayings  - a personal message or name for the room
2X4 feet – tongue and groove     $390
3X6 feet – tongue and groove     $900
Area Art – 50 sqft                               $1,900   A large work of art with a theme or message
Whole Room Designs             from $30 sqft.   A totally unique room created for the owner

Installation is available in the S Wisconsin Region by our own professional woodworkers

Pre-finishing availabe for orders shipped to your home.

Contact Jim Birkemeier email (608) 588 7342

Timbergreen Farm
S11478 Soeldner Rd
Spring Green, WI 53588 USA


 “Inlased” Wood Flooring made by local Family Farm Business
Combining state of the art laser technology with an age old woodworking skill, a totally new kind of hardwood flooring is being produced at Spring Green WI.  Custom made, personalized ‘Inlased’ flooring is now possible at a reasonable market  prices as the local timber growing business eliminates all the middlemen, brokers, and shippers that take most of the value from other retail wood products.
Inlaying wood with a contrasting material is traditional, but Timbergreen Farm is doing it with computer controlled lasers and solar kiln dried local wood.  Flooring strips are made with pictures, words, shapes of real wood inlayed into the solid 3/4” thick flooring.  The “Inlased” wood layer is two tenths of an inch thick so the flooring can be refinished over and over, outlasting the life of the home or building.  This is real tongue and groove flooring that is permanently nailed down, sanded, and finished.  Larger designs are created with a series of flooring strips, with much greater possibilities than a small inlaid medallion or narrow border strip. 
A Theme or Thought can be installed for all to see
All of the wood comes from Timbergreen’s world famous management system that uses just the naturally  dead and dying trees from their family forest.  The smallest possible equipment is used for logging to minimize any disturbance to the forest when a truly mature tree is salvaged.  Thin kerf WoodMizer sawmills and band resaws are used to efficiently mill all the lumber.  The boards are carefully kiln dried in their own unique solar heated lumber dry kilns.  Local artists can design the flooring specifically for each customer and produce the wood flooring in their workshops in Spring Green.  Timbergreen’s own installation crew puts down the floor and finishes it in the customer’s home. 
From a simple “Welcome to Timbergreen” greeting, a favorite verse or quote, the name of the room, to a wildlife themed wood border, to animal footprints walking in the room, to a personalized wood frame for the fireplace, to an intricate wood picture in an area, to a whole room design,  anything is possible with this brand new flooring technology.
The forests at Timbergreen contain 20 species of trees featuring a wide variety of colors and textures.  Most designs are implemented by switching pieces of different tree species – for example cutouts from a walnut board swapped with the matching pieces cut from a cherry board.  The laser cutting is so precise, the exchanged pieces fit perfectly and the message comes alive in the unique contrasting wood grains.   Some of the work is done with high-technology, the rest of the work is done with lots of hands on effort by human beings.  No other forest in the world employs so many people per acre of annual tree growth, or shares their business information.
Business owner Jim Birkemeier has presented this business model at four International United Nations Forestry Conferences and has taught the systems to landowners in 20 different countries.  Birkemeier’s  5 books and Set of DVDs explain the details of using locally grown and manufactured forest products to build the local economy.

Investigative reporting this year has shown that cheap imported wood products most often come from illegal logging operations that liquidate the rainforests around the planet and the flooring can also  contain poisonous glues despite what the labels say.  Timbergreen sells their wood direct from the grower to assure the homeowner where the wood really is from and who actually made it.  Birkemeier in the past has been Tree Farm Certified, Forest Stewardship Council Certified, and Smartwood Certified, but now just deals direct with his customers who know him.
Their laser inlaying methods can be used to embellish cabinet doors, entry doors, trim boards, picture frames, paneling, and window seats, to mention a few of the opportunities.  
“Every day there are a dozen big log trucks that pass by our retail wood products store in Spring Green on Hwy 23, loaded with the best of the best logs from area woodlots, on the road to China for processing.  The rest of the forestry profession is full steam ahead into exporting our best logs to the Far East for a quick personal  profit that is ‘better than nothing’ in the traditional timber industry,” said Birkemeier.  “Our family business is doing just the opposite – keeping all the values of our good trees right here in our own economy and putting local people to work with good jobs.”
Customize your own wood floor!
A person can also do their own design and have the Timbergreen crew create it with their technology, from their natural source of local wood.
Timbergreen Farm is already known for their Custom Blended Hardwood Flooring, combining different species in each floor that reflect the natural diversity of the forest outside surrounding the home.  Their own Solar Cycle Lumber Kilns, featuring the daily heating and nightly moisture equalization cycle, produce superior quality boards that are well matched to coexist in mixed species applications.  Adding Inlased Flooring sets Timbergreen apart from any competitor on the planet.
Timbergreen Farm was just awarded the Earth Day Prize for the Most Sustainable Products in Wisconsin by the Wisconsin Sustainable Business Council.   Allowing the forest to grow naturally, using just some of the dead and dying trees, logging and sawmilling with the smallest equipment possible, drying the lumber with renewable solar power, creating good jobs in the local community, and making natural solid wood products people need right here is their goal.  The business shares all of their information and methods with other forest owners and small business operators.
One of the most important things about salvaging good local wood is that for every tree grown and used here in our community, the demand to clear cut the tropical rainforests and to illegally log remaining natural forests is directly reduced by that same amount of wood.  A small fraction of the fossil fuel energy is needed when wood is used locally, compared to typical wood products in the big stores or online.  “Carbon Balance and Climate Change are not even meaningful factors in our future oriented sustainable business system.  Just common sense practical stuff is important,” concludes Birkemeier.

Here are more details of our family story:

Our small family forest business was awarded the recognition by the Wisconsin Sustainable Business Council as producing the Most Sustainable Products by any company in our entire State!  This follows our award for being the Best Small Family Business in Wisconsin.   See if you agree:   We make beautiful hand-made wood products, employing local people - using just the dead and dying trees on our own timber lands.  We salvage the logs using the smallest possible equipment – always improving our forest and never damaging the natural resources of the soils, air, and water.   We dry the boards in solar heated lumber kilns, manufacture products in our old dairy barn, and sell natural solid wood items to customers.  
Our real wood gifts are Grown and Made in the USA by a small family business – just the opposite of just about all the other stuff in our stores today.  When we use a dead tree here, one tree is saved from illegal logging in the Rainforest!
Timber Green Woods is our brand name for the things we grow and make at Timbergreen Farm, Spring Green, Wisconsin.  Show that You care for our future by doing business with our small family business that truly cares for the local resources and people in our community.
The most important product distributed at Timbergreen Farm is a friendly sharing of the information on how a small family business can use common sense practices to utilize local resources to put people to work with rewarding jobs, keeping all the values of our trees in the local economy.  Check this out at our home website 
We share the American Dream with everyone who wants to learn, that one small family business can help change the world into a better place.  We use the internet and the good aspects of globalization, to encourage other family timber growers around the world to find the Global Dream - that today anyone on our planet can be a success and make the Earth a better place for our future together. Full Value Forestry has information on our training program

Photo Caption:  We are Tree Huggers Indeed!  But when a tree dies, we make beautiful wood products to share with other people
Jim Birkemeier – Timber Green Woods business owner


for details email Jim

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