Spring Green Timber Growers

Industrial Logging Today....  "forest devastation goes on as before..."


Across the U.S. and the world, the typical commercial timber harvest devastates the forest....

90-99% of the timber value leaves the local community for the profit of a distant, big corporation.

Huge Harvesting machines now replace dozens of workers and need big volumes to make the payments.

Forests are over harvested and/or high-graded. Harvested logs are smaller and poorer quality each year.

Logs and manufactured products are shipped around and round the world.

Retails markets are flooded with "cheap" manufactured wood products with a thin coat of veneer.

Manufactured products often fall apart in a few years - ending up in the landfills.

Forest Owners lose of control of their timber during a harvest.


A New Alternative - Full Vigor Forestry


100% of the timber value stays in the local community - money is multiplied in local economy.

The smallest possible logging equipment is used and well paid professional loggers return year after year.

Forest owners harvest up to one tree per acre each year, earning an excellent annual income.

Local manufacturing and direct sales can create a good job for every 40 acres of timber

Natural - Solid - wood products will likely outlast the modern building and outlive the customer.

Forests become more natural and productive and beautiful each year.

The forest owners are in control and earn many benefits from their timber crops.