Forestry – The Way it Should Be
Traditional - Big Government/Big Industry Forestry - Is not working!!
Most Timber on private woodlots in this area is not managed.
     It is actually mismanaged, repeatedly over-harvested and high-graded.
Annual growth in SW Wisconsin on private lands is 25% of its potential.
Logs harvested are much smaller and poorer quality compared to a few decades ago.
The Wisconsin Timber Industry is failing and moving south.

This is Disgraceful!!

And all the while, everyone is talking GREEN!

All our other agricultural crops are managed well by farmers/landowners. 
Why isn't our timber managed??

Foresters tell landowners that they are not smart enough to manage their timber – only a professional can do that.  Only a college educated forester can write a management plan or mark trees for harvest.   Now, Managed Forest Law plans require a “certified plan writer." 

Foresters tell landowners in a hundred ways that they can not make money growing timber – “we must subsidize forestry for the good of society.”  Lets talk about wildlife, non timber Forest Products, invasive species.... 

Harvest Machines keep getting bigger and need more volume to keep them running.   Few workers are employed and they work far from home.
Woodlots keep getting smaller, not very practical for commercial logging/industrial forestry.

Property taxes go up and up..... – forcing owners to sell any timber just to keep their lands.  Many enter the MFL just to keep their lands.  Then - MFL forces them to sell their timber - Cloaked in “Sound Forestry.” 
Public access rules outweigh forestry.  Politics Rules - not sound forestry - in the Wisconsin MFL.

Today - harvested trees are smaller and poor quality than ever before.  Logs are no longer available to feed the big mills appetites.
Big mills are closing, loggers are going out of business.  Corporate profit taking and downsizing is gutting our industry mills. 

Manufactured imported wood products from China, etc. are flooding the big box stores. 
Soon, most of this stuff ends up in the landfill.

The Global Situation Today – and right here in Spring Green:  
Big Corporations still take the good timber far away, for the profit of a few, leaving little benefit in the local community and a devastated forest & a big ecological mess for the future.

A New Alternative: 
Forestry the way it is supposed to be!

Spring Green Timber Owners
Promoting the use of locally grown and manufactured wood products.

We practice - Common Sense Forestry that landowners can understand and control – Its Simple! 
We use the best of the best ideas of the Menominee Nation and the German Dauerwald. 
*  We show other forest owners that they can manage their timber!

Forest management should be a profitable business – wood products are very valuable! 
You can make good money growing timber!!  Learn to Earn an Annual Income.
Forests should support the local economy, not require welfare programs from the government. 
*  We show other forest owners that they can earn a profitable income from their trees.

Solid wood products can be produced on a small scale in the local community.
We eliminate all the middlemen/foresters/brokers/shippers/wholesalers – keeping the money in the community.
*  We Sell high quality wood products direct to customers – satisfaction is guaranteed.

Forestry the way it is supposed to be! 
    Logging the way it is supposed to be!
         Wood products – the way it is supposed to be - 
                 Local, Natural, Solid, Beautiful!