Using Locally Grown Wood
Demonstration Days – April 26 & 27
Timbergreen Farm – Spring Green, WI

Native Wildflower Show and Sale – all weekend

Full Vigor Forestry – Sustainable Forestry from the Forest Owner’s Point of View
            Forestry as a profitable business
Arthroscopic Logging
            Directional Felling – A Swedish method.
            Small skidding equipment   Horse logging?
Sawmilling Logs in Lumber – Small Diameter logs and curved wood
            Chain saw mills
            Band sawmills

Solar Heated Lumber Dry Kilns
Manufacturing Wood Products on the Farm
Direct Marketing of High Value Wood Products to Customers
Build Local – Green Squared Building Association
            Energy conservation in building
            Alternative energy sources
            Local Materials

Saturday, April 26th 2008:
8:00am   Wildflower Show and Sale

9:00 am      Sawmill and Solar Kiln Tour - Jim Birkemeier
10:00am     Logosol PH260 Molder Demonstration and Training - Charlie Griffin 

11:00am     M7 Sawmill and Log House Moulder Demonstration - Rivers Griffin

11:00 am    Flooring Installation and Finishing - Schreffler Flooring - Arvo Mather

Noon          Lunch - Shawn's Sandwich Shop  (Please make a reservation for lunch so we have enough food > email )
        GreenSquared Building Association - Meet and Greet
                A Higher Power of Sustainability - State of the Art "Green" Technologies

1:00pm      Logosol Equipment Review and Demonstration

2:00pm      PH260 Molder Advanced Training

2:00pm      Flooring Installation and Finishing - Schreffler Flooring

3:00pm      Timber Frame Construction - Red Beard Lumber

4:00pm      Sawmill and Solar Kiln Tour



Sunday, April 27th

8:00am        Wildflower Show and Sale - all day

9:00am        Full Vigor Forestry Walk - Jim Birkemeier

10:00am      Sawmill and Solar Kiln Tour

11:00am      Logosol PH260 Molder Demonstration - Jim Birkemeier

12:00           Lunch will be available from Shawn’s Sandwich Shop  (email your reservation) 

1:00pm        Directional Felling and Arthroscopic Logging

2:00pm        Sawmill and Solar Kiln Tour

3:00pm       Timbergreen Farm Woodworking Shop- Logosol PH260 Molder Demonstration


Directions to Timbergreen Farm   Click here for a map

Check back here for schedule updates.