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Spring Green Timber Growers

As forest owners, to operate a profitable and "sustainable" business, we harvest just the natural output of our forest.  When restoring a forest that had been devastated by timber harvesting, we must utilize the damaged and deformed trees left by the industry as well as those undesired - due to commercial demand - at the time of the cutting.

Once a forest has been allowed to regrow into a relatively natural and productive woodland, (this may take decades after a short-sighted harvest) we can take a portion of the annual harvest - what nature shows us is mature. With Full Vigor Forestry, we harvest up to one tree per acre each year, always taking the worst tree first. 

There is no age or size where a tree is mature, we let our good trees grow as long as they are healthy and vigorous.  We allow natural succession to proceed and encourage our good trees to naturally regenerate the forest.

At this time, most of our lumber supply is from trees that have died of natural causes.  The Oak Wilt fungus started this entire business operation back in 1984, and trees that die of Oak Wilt will be the main harvest again for the 2007  harvest.  This provides some excellent quality red oak flooring!  Dutch Elm Disease and the Bronze Birch Borer also add a considerable number of dead trees that are now truly "Mature!".   Heavy rains several months ago softened the soils, and a number of our big - leaning - white oak trees and black cherry fell to the ground when their roots could no longer hold.  As we salvage these dead trees, we are always doing timber stand improvement and may harvest other trees close by that have lost their life vigor.  At Timbergreen Farm, we have not cut one good living tree for over 20 years - we Grow Timber!!


Alex Greene fells red oak trees killed by Oak Wilt.  These excellent quality logs were quartersawn at the sawmill.

Over the year, we must sell the mix of wood that comes from the forest.  We never cut a good tree because customers want walnut or cherry or maple...  
A forest owner should never allow momentary market demand to affect their forest management.

My first visit to the Menominee Tribal Forest in 1997, Marshall Pecore told me "A forester can not ever let industrial demand determine what trees you mark for cutting.  The forester must harvest just the natural output of the forest.  Then it is up to the sawmill manager to make something from the logs, and then it is up to the marketing manager to sell that wood - whatever it is."  
That is what we do today in Spring Green Timber Growers.

When we do cut a tree, as forest owners, we work to use the whole tree and use each piece for its highest value use.  This means we must use all the sound character features of the tree, not throw them away as industry does. Sound knots, steaks, worm holes, stains, tap-holes...   character features make our flooring unique and beautiful. 


Red Oak, White Oak, Hickory, Cherry

We won't do Boring Flooring - the clear narrow straight grained small pieces that are traditional flooring....
   Producing just top quality flooring, all one size, is very wasteful.  Industry can do that, not us!
   Don't ever think a wood product that is made using only the best quality lumber of the best tree in the forest is ever "sustainable" of Green or certified!!

Fortunately - our Custom Blended Character Grade Flooring is SPECTACULAR!


This floor is from windfallen Cherry and insect killed Birch

Once customers see our natural flooring - most LOVE IT!  The knots, streaks, holes etc. add so much interest. All character features are stabilized with Super Glue and sanding dust making  them permanently hard.  Character in our wood is an asset to us, not throw away waste as in the timber industry.


White oak flooring and crotch wood border at the fireplace.

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