Birky's Bar Boards


"Food is where it is supposed to be!"

"I Like It!"   Eric from Fort Collins, CO


"Eating food at a bar is a pain in the a..., you have to lean in and your knees bang into the bar.  It's laboring," say Robert, Eric's friend.  "But with the bar board, you can sit normally and eat."


Many bars have a rail that makes eating food a problem for patrons.  A bar board can bridge the uneven front edge of the bar, giving the customer a level tray to place their food.


Birky's Bar Boards are made of a custom blended mix of hardwoods, from Timbergreen Farm in Spring Green, WI.   Each one is custom fitted to the shape of the bar to give a stable table for eating.  This model is 18" wide and 12" deep - any size can be produced for your establishment.   This size is $75 each, plus engraving.


This is the smallest version 8" X 10" - for one bowl of food. With no logo engraved this one sold for $50 each for an order of 10.

Birky's Bar Boards
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