Timber Growers Alliance
Natural Forest Products Direct From The Grower

Our Mission:
Promoting the use of locally grown and manufactured wood products


The Potential of Using Locally Grown and Manufactured Wood:
* Create one full time well paying job for every 40 acres of timber.
* Local Manufacturing and Direct Marketing multiply the market value of standing timber 10 to 1,000 times.
* Keeping the money in the local community multiplies it again - 3 to 5 times.
* Trucking and shipping are minimized, saving lots & lots of fuel!  Woodworking businesses can actually produce many types of energy from their scraps.
* Natural products with minimal engineering and maximum craftsmanship can be produced by small business.  Customers get natural products that will last - and know where the wood is from
* Growers are encouraged to care for their timber for the future.

Industrial Forestry Today:
+ The forest owner is paid a couple of percent of the retail value of the timber. Distant big corporations take the wood and the value far away and make all of the profit. Most forest owners feel short-changed.
+ A few men in huge machines cut the timber in large volumes, creating major disturbance to the land. Forest owners feel they lose control of their land during the harvest.
+ Loads of fuel are used to haul the wood away, often half-way around the globe.  1/3 of the cost of retail wood products is trucking and shipping!
+ Local consumers buy highly manufactured wood products with a relatively short life-span, from distant lands at the Big Box Stores, again sending lots of money far away to subsidize the big corporations.
+ Growers are discouraged from managing their forest.

Who Loses from a change?  Brokers, Big Equipment Dealers, Fuel Corporations, Foreign Countries, Shipping Corporations, Government Officials, Foreign Owned Timber Corporations, Big Box Stores.

Small timber management businesses are now selling natural wood products direct to their customers.  There are thousands of small businesses scattered around the country, here is a listing of a few.  Be sure to search your neck of the woods too, for others.

Our wood is different from what you might buy from the big store in the city.  We own the land and trees, so  our forest is our future. We grow each good tree as long as it is healthy and vigorous.  Increasing the natural diversity of sizes and species is important to our sustainability.  Our annual harvest averages about one tree per acre, this is the natural output of the forest.  We start by taking the worst tree first, and work with the smallest possible equipment to minimize damage.

Thin kerf sawmills, solar and wood heated lumber dry kilns, modern woodworking equipment are used to efficiently manufacture our products, right here on our own properties.

We sell our wood direct to our customers.  Products are hauled just one time, right into our customer's homes. We really know our wood, so customer service and satisfaction is guaranteed.
Along the way, we work to encourage other forest owners to join us.
Buy Local!


Buying direct from the timber grower keeps all the money in the local community!

Timber Growers Alliance - Our Goals;

1. Encourage Common Sense Forest Management of privately owned small woodlots.

2. Practice Low Damage Logging with small equipment to protect our forest resources for our futures.

3. Promote Local Manufacturing of wood products on the farm and in the community.

4. Support Direct Sales of a large variety of agricultural producsts in the local marketplace.

5. Educate the Next Generation of Timber Growers and Resource Managers

6. Invite all Timber Growers to take an active role in the Businsess of Forestry.

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