Hand-Made Wood Gifts For All Occasions - Grown and Manufactured in Spring Green Wisconsin!

We grow some of the BEST TREES - Walnut, Cherry, Oak, Maple, Ash... IN THE WORLD!
Our good rich soils and the four dramatic Seasons of our climate, create interesting character in our tree's wood grains
not seen in the timber from the tropical rainforests or the new plethora of "sustainable forestry" plantations.

Our family business follows the traditional teaching of the Native Americans of Northern Wisconsin; We use just a portion of what our forest naturally gives us each year. We never let the demands of the Huge Global Timber Industry determine what trees we harvest. We let our good trees grow as long as they are healthy and vigorous - and carefully salvage just part of our annual growth. Then we make usefull products for humans, first here in our community, then we export our extra wood to others in population centers around the world who need forest products. We put local people to work making natural, solid, beautiful wood products and keep all of the many values of our trees right here at home in our local economy and community.

Using Good Local Wood directly lowers the demands for illegally logged timber from the tropical rainforests and remaining natural forests & national parks around the world. Our motto is: For Global Good Use Local Wood !!

Natural - Local - Good Wood Products from the Grower!:

New for November 2015 and Beyond!!

INLASED FLOORING - solid wood inlayed flooring made using state of the art Laser Technology


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s Timbergrillers - Hardwood Grilling Planks
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s Food Serving Boards of all Kinds!

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sf Wood Gifts of All Kinds


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s Custom Made Plaques and Awards

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r Books, DVDs, and Training at Timbergreen Farm

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New Book from Jim Birkemeier - Phony Phorestry A Forestry Insider Calls Out the Forestry Profession

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